Our Story

The Journey...

How it all started...

Ruth Chapter One will tell you about “Bethlehem-Judah”. The text records that after the famine, Naomi returned back to Bethlehem-Judah because “God had visited His people in giving them bread” (verse 6).

The journey of the Bethlehem-Judah Christian Fellowship Family has been a walk of faith and a call in the spirit of our leader, Pastor/Bishop Anthony W. Gilyard. It was a beautiful day, Sunday, November 17, 2002 that the seed was birthed. Pastor, along with 11 others, had their first official service as a church at the Kenilworth Inn, Kenilworth, NJ; faithful, steadfast, and determined to build a “Nation” unto the Lord.

What to expect...

Here at BJCF you will find mutual sharing and a profound expression of Christian fellowship. There is an atmosphere of unconditional love one for the other, and a bond of purpose and devotion that binds us to each other and to God. We display the works and traits of Jesus. We are clones of Christ and as committed followers, we mirror His divine nature here on earth. 

Our Values...

Value:             Love (1 Timothy 1:5)
Process:        An open heart; for the good of another
Results:         Friendship and involvement
Value:             Excellence (Colossians 3:23)
Process:        An open mind; exemplify an example of one’s best efforts
Results:         Informed and multiplied outcomes produced
Value:            Generosity (Proverbs 11:25 | 2 Corinthians 9:6-7)
Process:        An open hand; liberal giving of time, talent and treasure         marked by patience
Results:         Connections based in trust because of seen investments
Value:            Hospitality (Hebrews 13:2 | Proverbs 18:24)
Process:        An open door; offering and sustaining an inviting, pleasant and warm environment
Results:         A safe place, where partnership is forged for common good through inspiration
Value:          Service (St. Matthew 25: 20-21)
Process:        An open life; investing in people with careful and responsible contributions to produce more
Results:         Legacy, a name that means something and adds value to a life, the power of influence

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10:00 am and 12:15pm