bishop anthony w. gilyard


“For the Priests lips should keep knowledge; for he is the messenger of the Lord of Hosts.” Malachi 2:7
Nothing is more influential in shaping and molding our world than a yielded vessel to carry the message of Christ’s hope and deliverance for all. These attributes are found in Bishop/Pastor Anthony W. Gilyard. He has been chosen to usher in a dynamic and powerful move of God. Like Nehemiah, he is not afraid of the assignment God has put in his hands to accomplish. His burning vision to see the lives of all mankind transformed by the revelation of God’s word is evident in his commitment to ministry and his lifestyle of holiness.

The Man...
Pastor Gilyard, a native of Tampa Florida was reared under the tutelage of two generations of leaders in the church of god in Christ. He accepted the lord Jesus Christ as his savior and the call to ministry at a young age. During his tenure in the ministry, pastor Gilyard held numerous positions of leadership including youth pastor, assistant pastor and district evangelist.
In 2003, he was elevated to superintendent of the kingdom fellowship district within the new garden state jurisdiction, where he also serves as administrative assistant and jurisdictional secretary under the jurisdictional prelate, bishop William T. Cahoon.

The Ministry...
In 1995, pastor acknowledged god’s inspiration to move forward into full – time evangelistic ministry. By faith he became a “spiritual nomad” following each ordered step resulting in relocation to New Jersey. His mantle is prophetic in purpose, apostolic in function, pastoral in compassion, and evangelistic in outreach. Which as given him the opportunity to minister in many countries overseas.

The Movement...
Seven years after traveling as a full time Evangelist, God compelled him to step into a new dimension of service to the office of Pastor. In November 2002, he obeyed the voice of God and established Bethlehem-Judah Christian Fellowship also known as “the House of Bread and Praise”. Our objective is to become a spiritual entry point for God and the Angelic hosts to reach the Northeast corridor of America.
In April 2008, only five years after the birth of Bethlehem-Judah, God favored and blessed him to facilitate the purchase of a $1.5 million dollar worship facility and administrative offices facility, in Elizabeth, NJ. Hundreds across all ethnic backgrounds gather on a weekly basis for worship and the Word of Lord.
It is Pastor Gilyard’s prayer that the preaching uttered from his lips be both an outreach and an in-reach to all that hear the Word and that the spoken Word be filled with compassion, revelation and a true deliverance experience that changes the lives of the masses.